Aleph Inf tinuum Services


What's it all about, Aleph?

About Aleph Infotinuum Services

While a trope such as "ahead of the curve" might represent a tempting crutch for both mission statements and visions, Aleph Infotinuum Services prefers instead to keep its head above The Cloud. Who controls the past controls the future.

A Quick FAQ

Q: So, then, what is it all about?

A: Think of it as a service provider mashup of boutique and punk ... boupunque, if you want the official portmanteau.

Q: Should I call the company "Aleph Infotinuum Services" or "Aleph" or "Infotinuum" or "AIS" or something else?

A: Meh, it's your life.

Q: What if I'm having trouble with <insert problem here>?

A: If you think that it has something to do with the services which AIS provides as a grateful vendor, send one of those electronic mail things to support (you know the rest).

Q: What if I notice a glitch with your website?

A: Feel free to send one of those electronic mail things to bugs (you know the rest).

Q: Aren't you all just behind the curve that is The Cloud?

A: What's going on there, besides the thin client canard, is a server industry hoping to gussy up its boring old pitch with an assertion that their servers are computer networking (a cloud being a traditional graphical symbol depicting network "ether").