tinuum Services


The first letter in taming the infotinuum is Aleph.

Scalable Services

Are you or your organization ...

  • Just starting out?
  • Expanding & hiring?
  • Experiencing infotinuum burnout?

Aleph Infotinuum Services delivers unmatched services to help professionals and their employers differentiate themselves from the competition. While others might continue struggling to realize gains from the information that they hope to simultaneously corral and unleash for purposes of minimizing cost and maximizing value, managers who are consistent about their approach to excellence will insist that the infotinuum back end is more important even than the public-facing presentation of a web site or a live event.

Information Solutions

When it comes to strategies for managing tomorrow's slice of the infotinuum, exponential is the trending outlook. Gadgets are proliferating, records are domesticating. Content rules all the likes.
Aleph Infotinuum Services offers reliable consultation and IT solutions for organizations that are more concerned with maintaining quality content than they are with chasing after high-tech buzzwords. Whether it's an initiative for information management or information architecture or e-discovery or a knowledge base, concentrate on business imperatives and leave the competition with its head in The Cloud.

Learning Solutions

Today's forward-thinking business managers are learning about learning. Credentials from government schooling institutions trend more and more toward utter worthlessness, if they ever were legitimate at all.
If you or your employer intend to retain a talented production staff, make it one of your business imperatives to foster that talent and enable its perpetual expansion. All else is mere bureaucratic dictate disguised as competent management.
Contact Aleph Infotinuum Services to access the Rosetta Stone of modern epistemology.

Streaming Solutions

Whenever you are blazing a trail beyond the bleeding edge, buzzwords are difficult to avoid. The sunrise industry known as HTTP-based video streaming includes a nascent field of acronym paddies, with MSE this and HEVC that and DASH the other representing just a small arc of the streaming-learning curve (not to be confused with the learning-learning curve).
Learning curves do not need to be intimidating. Rely on Aleph Infotinuum Services to help your business model navigate the horse hockey and deliver those important streams.