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There is a new blog post at Managing The Infotinuum

Be thankful that some researchers are discovering early vulnerabilities within Smart Contracts

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There is a new blog post at Managing The Infotinuum

Back to basics: starting a new instructional design project

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During the final stages of the recent server migration, the news item beneath this one disappeared like some kind of mystery-or-maybe-not

Aleph Infotinuum Services staff has little doubt about how that post went missing so unexpectedly. It is suffice to say that AIS will consider its hosting options when the time comes to upgrade from a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to a dedicated server which AIS controls in totality.

The AIS server migration is almost complete

Yes, it is taking longer than anticipated. Yes, it is suffice to say that AIS management is less than impressed with typical blame-the-user excuses from a web hosting provider which ultimately admitted to being the screw-ups. The bottom line is that the Managing The Infotinuum blog remains the last piece of the migration puzzle to put into place, so thank you for your patience.